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The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS) is an efficient and effective solution to many of the current automotive safety problems. TPMS will help prevent driving on deflated tyre and reduce gas (fuel) consumption. The TyreDogWTPMS (Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is a relatively new technology which has captures the focus of the industry because of its unique valve stem cap sensor design. The extremely lightweight, compact sensor has been specifically designed to simplify and reduce the installation time. Through wireless technology, tyre pressure and temperature information is displayed on the user-friendly Graphic Interface (LCD Monitor)

A simply smart approach to have TPMS system

They can support up to four tyres and can be easily installed within minutes and without any technical knowledge. The user-friendly graphic interface enable the user (driver) to understand and maintain their automobile tyres in a safe condition.

One set 4 wheels for motor car


One set 4 wheels for 4 wheels caravan/trailer


Wireless Sensors:

  • Water Resistant
  • Weight = 10g ±1g
    tyre dog sensor fixed on wheel image

    No Tooling
    Wireless Design
    Real time Tyre Pressure figures display

    DIY Installation

    No tooling requires.You need only screw the sensors onto the tyres' valve stems to take place of the valve caps.

    Highly Sensitive tyre presure display
    Electronic tyre pressure detection.Detection precision +- 1 psi

    tyre dog monitor on dash board

    Can be placed on Dashboard,windscreen,in armrest,.....

    Above vehicle contain two set of four wheel tyredog (one set of passenger vehicle and one set for 4 wheel caravan .

  • Diameter = 18.5 mm
  • Height = 20 mm
  • Screw-on sensors w/ anti-theft lock nuts
How it Works?
  • Audible / Visual Alerts when tyre pressure drops below / raises above recommended level
  • Provide graphic user interface
  • Monitoring tyre pressure anytime
  • Expands tyre lifespan
  • Saves fuel consumption
  • Improves safety
  • Detects leakage before harm is done
  • Easy to install
  • High accuracy
  • Not affected by bumpy roads
  • Allows users to preset min. / max. values
  • Operates even when the car is stationary
  • Detects both under inflated and over inflated tyres

Monitor Specifications
● Operating temperature range: -20℃~80℃
● Storage temperature range: -20℃~85℃
● Operating humidity: 100% 

Monitor Power
● Power Required: 12V DC (MiniDC jack) or Battery DC 3V 
● Battery Life: 1 Year (4hr usage per day) 
● Battery type: AAA 1.5V (x2) 


General Sensor Specifications
● Sensor pressure sensitivity: +/-0.5psi
● Operating temperature range: -40℃~125℃
● Sensor temperature sensitivity: +/-2℃
● Operating humidity: 100% 
● Shock: <1000G 


Passenger Vehicles Classification

  • Four wheels
  • Tire pressures up to 60psi
  • Examples:
    • Compact cars
    • Hatchbacks
    • Mid-sized cars
    • Family sized cars
    • Wagons
    • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)
    • Multipurpose Vehciles (MPV)

1. Product Package Information

• LCD monitor
• tyre pressure sensor x 4
• CR 1632 battery x 4
• User guide x 1
• Self adhesive base plate x 1
• Suction plate x 1
• Mounting frame for LCD monitor x 1
• AAA 1.4v battery x 2
• Vehicle external power cable x 1
• Anti - theft lock tool x 1

Main Function
• Ensure safety of vehicle travel
• Reduce fuel consumption
• Enhance tyre life
• Real time monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature.
• Also available for 6 to 32 wheels truck or buses.

3. Product Features:


Light and compact
Extremely lightweight and compact with specially designed electronic sensors


Battery Power Status display
The LCD monitor will display a low batter warning when either the monitor unit or any tyre sensors has battery power


Abnormal Pressure Warning
The LCD monitor will send an immediate warning if any tyre is monitored and exceeds the pressure parameters that you choose to set.


LCD Monitor
The LCD monitor displays the 4 tyres pressure. This monitor can be mounted inside the vehicle by using either the suction cup mount or alternatively the self adhesive plate. This monitor can also be powered from the vehicle cigar lighter socket by using the power adapter supplied


Accurate tyre pressure sensors
Electronic tyre pressure sensors are accurate to +/- 1PSI


DIY Installation
Simply screw the sensors onto the valve stems in the place of the valve stems caps


Transmission status display
The sensors will automatically transmit pressure / temperature date to the LCD monitor when it is turned on


Anti Theft sensor mounting design
Each of the tyre pressure sensors is provided with a specially designed locknut this secure it tightly onto the valve stem and prevent easy removal

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